OTT Advertising

Combine hyper-local technology with Connected TV.


Target TV Streamers With Geofencing Precision

For a while now, geofencing has been used by advertisers to precisely target potential customers in specific locations. Some of these advertisers lacked the budget to effectively advertise on TV. It’s now possible to advertise on Connected TV, using geofencing, without the need for a large TV budget.

With the nearly 65 million “cord cutters” now in the US, Connected TV and digital channels are becoming the main way to reach TV viewers. Now it is possible to precisely target viewers using the digital methods you rely on such as in-market audiences, demographics and offline behaviors.

Over 1,000 Demographic Variables To Target

Did we mention hyper local precision? We can source over 1,000 demographic and psychographic variables to target your potential customers which gives you great confidence we are reaching exactly who you need to reach. We can also measure actual visits to your physical store which is pretty awesome, we might add.

OTT Advertising Benefits

Want access to the most advanced advertising solution in town? With an OTT Advertising campaign built by CBM Marketing, you’ll get the right message to the ideal customer with perfect timing. Using three methods of audience targeting, OTT Advertising has never been more effective.


Use GPS data to send ads to potential OTT customers’ physical addresses with incredible precision.


Bring the power of digital targeting to OTT advertising by targeting potential customers based on keywords, context and more.


Access the multiple combinations of demographics data to hone in on your perfect audience.


With OTT Advertising, you can get up to 96% view rates of your commercial on TVs and devices.


Reach Connected TV watchers who tend to be more engaged with your content.


Measure the foot traffic to your retail / brick and mortar location.


Addressable Geofencing 

With a list of customers, addressable geofencing can be used to improve the effectiveness of programmatic TV. By targeting specific households, addressable geofencing can be used as a stand-alone tactic for direct mail campaigns and other marketing efforts, as well. When using this tactic for OTT, you effectively improve the frequency and extend the reach of your campaign, all while monitoring foot traffic through conversion zone tracking.

Our Goal Is Your Success

Every day, boat-loads of people are streaming TV and movie content on their devices.  If you’re not actively targeting your customers who have "cut the cord", you can bet your competitors will be. At CBM Marketing, we won’t let that happen. Our goal is your success. We succeed when your customers actively respond to your OTT advertising campaign. Choose CBM Marketing to experience the best Shreveport-Bossier City OTT advertising on the web.

Let us take the stress of managing your digital marketing account off your plate. Our team of experts will focus on perfecting your account so you can take care of your other concerns. Call us today to find out how retargeting marketing can help your business.


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