TV Advertising

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Broadcast TV: Trusted And Time-Tested


Many advertisers believe that HULU and Netflix have completely replaced broadcast television. This is a big misunderstanding. Broadcast TV still delivers a large percentage of network programs, news and sports. It is a time-tested and trusted way to watch live and pertinent content. Broadcast television is free and reaches anyone with an antenna. They air the area’s local news, which means they are invaluable to the local advertiser. Local news is still a highly-watched source and still enjoys a large audience.

A large number of people can still be reached through broadcast TV. Advertisers find that it is an effective method of getting their message out quickly and broadly. Broadcast channels reach 99% of households and you can schedule your spots to run during specific programs, to specific ages, and large DMAs (designated marketing areas). It is an excellent choice for brand awareness for broad audiences.

Cable TV For Better Targeting

Cable advertising works in a similar way to broadcast with slightly better targeting capabilities for smaller geographic areas, and programming targets viewer interests. 60% of households today still subscribe to cable TV, although there has been a definite decline. Many homes opt for a combination of cable and streaming services.

Cable television advertising allows you to pick-out demographically based programming networks to help target your potential customers. For example, if your chosen audience is do-it-yourself customers, you could run spots on HGTV and TLC. According to what your needs are, you could run broad rotators on a group of channels that cater to your audience, or target specific programs at a higher cost per spot.

Our Goal Is Your Success

Every day, boat-loads of people are captive audiences to broadcast and cable TV. Many of these people are in the market for or considering the products or services you offer.  If you’re not on the air or on a targeted cable program, you can bet your competitor will be. At CBM Marketing, we won’t let that happen. Our goal is your success. We succeed when your broadcast or cable TV buy results in lots of sales. When our clients achieve this, we throw a party! Choose CBM Marketing to experience the best Shreveport-Bossier City TV and cable advertising.


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