Outdoor Advertising Services

A great way to spark emotional buying.


A Cost-Effective Solution


Whether you advertise on a billboard or with banners on your store, outdoor advertising is one of the top most affordable forms of advertising. Small businesses, especially, can benefit from the cheaper cost of using signs to advertise to a local community. In many cases, using signs, posters and billboards can be much more cost effective than digital or broadcast advertising. CBM Marketing will work with local billboard companies and printing companies to get the best deals on outdoor advertising with a focus on getting as much added value as possible.

Connect To Your Customer Immediately

Outdoor advertising can have an instant impact on a potential customer who is in the market for what you are advertising. When your ad is strategically designed and placed in the optimum location, making sure the message is clear and easy to understand, your targeted audience will feel compelled to visit your store or at least check-out your website. This type of advertising is perfect for making a lasting first impression. CBM Marketing has the skills and experience to design the most effective outdoor ads placed in the best locations possible.


Impulsive, Emotional Buying

There’s no better way to influence the emotions of a potential customer than to plaster a beautiful ad featuring what they want right next to or relatively close to where they can buy it! For example a hotel will buy billboard space along major highways, knowing that many drivers are feeling tired and most likely looking for a place to rest. This would be a good advertising vehicle for building your brand while at the same time offering a promise that their desires will be met. 

Our Goal Is Your Success

Every day, boat-loads of people see outdoor advertising messages.  If you’re not actively engaging your customers with outdoor advertising, you can bet your competitors will be. At CBM Marketing, we won’t let that happen. Our goal is your success. We succeed when your customers actively respond to your outdoor advertising messages and buy. Choose CBM Marketing to experience the best Shreveport-Bossier City outdoor advertising solutions.

Let us take the stress of managing your traditional marketing account off your plate. Our team of experts will focus on perfecting your account so you can take care of your other concerns. Call us today to find out how outdoor advertising can help your business.


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As a Shreveport-Bossier City area marketing management company, we will
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Why Choose CBM Marketing?

CBM Marketing sources a team of experts from many different disciplines to bring all the knowledge and expertise needed to improve the overall performance of your marketing efforts. Combine this expertise with years of experience in the creative services industry, producing videos, motion graphics and graphic designs, and you have the formula for success!

Whatever your marketing needs are, CBM Marketing will become your personal “in-house” marketing partner and fulfill all your marketing and advertising needs. Give us a call today to bring us on your team!