Carey Brown Media works with teams of enthusiastic and focused analysts, developers, designers, account managers, and writers who have a passion for technology and online marketing solutions that drive sales for our clients.

Our mission is to level the playing field for small businesses in the digital marketspace dominated by larger companies. Search Engines have provided a chance for small businesses to stand on equal footing with much larger entities. Our teams work daily to make sure that our services allow small businesses to get maximum value from SEO, PPC and digital marketing services.

Carey Brown Media offers a full tool set of digital marketing solutions including Targeted Display, Paid Search, SEO, Retargeting, Location Marketing, Mobile, Video and Social Media Campaigns.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a series of coordinated steps that increase the chance of your website showing in the search engine results page (SERP). People also refer to this presence in the SERP as organic rankings. Presence on the SERP for terms important to your business leads to increased traffic and leads from your website. While the business does not pay for each visitor to the website from organic search results, there is ongoing effort and time required to optimize the website and achieve top rankings.

SEO generally has a very high return on investment because people using search engines have high intent to purchase. That means that rather than having to convince someone that they need your service, SEO visitors have already indicated their interest by searching for keywords that match your business category. SEO typically shows up as one of the lowest cost lead sources in annual surveys of marketers.  


Local SEO is a type of online marketing that helps businesses increase search engine traffic based on map placement for geographic related keywords. While there is some similarity between tactics used for general SEO versus Local SEO, the local algorithm for ranking is different from the general search algorithm. Local SEO results are the fastest way for local businesses to get placement in search engine results page. Local SEO works best for businesses that have established local operations in one or more locations. National companies without local addresses cannot create local business profiles. 

Mobile phone applications like Google Maps use the same ranking methods and database of business information used by the local results section of the SERP. This is important for many local businesses because the number of local searches for retail and services businesses from mobile phones continues to grow each year. 

Finally, with search engines like Google adding social media services, Google has integrated their local search into Google+ Local. The merger of local and social will continue so it is important that businesses establish their local presence on websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and others.



Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to advertising where the advertiser only pays for people that click on their ad and visit their website. This is different from traditional advertising (print, radio and TV) where the advertiser pays for impressions of their ad. Search engines like Google and Bing allow advertisers to run PPC ads on their search engine results page. The search engines allow advertisers precise control over the keywords where the ads show as well as the ad copy, location of the searcher and bid for each click. Google's PPC services is called Google Ads and Bing's service is called Adcenter. Other large online advertisers like Facebook have PPC advertising services as well. Similar to SEO, placing PPC ads on the search engine results page allows advertisers to show their ad to people who have expressed interest in related keywords. This means that PPC clicks have a higher intent to need your product or service than many other forms of advertising. 

In addition to ads on the search engine results page, Google Adwords has extended their PPC products to allow advertisers to place display (banner) ads on websites that are relevant to their topic or to retarget people who have already visited the advertiser's website. While the intent to purchase may be lower for someone reading a related website, the average cost per click is typically lower than average cost per click for ads on the Google search network. 



Display ads are placed on relevant third-party websites, such as the Google Display Network and Facebook etc. in the form of banner, image and text ads. These ads are an excellent way to build brand awareness and get clicks, conversions, and sales from users who have found your display ad to be relevant to the solution they were searching for. 




Dynamic display remarketing allows you to target previous visitors to your website with ads that contain the exact inventory they viewed. A tracking pixel that is placed on your website builds an audience of shoppers who have interacted with your site, including what pages they’re visiting, how long they’re browsing, and other intent data. Using that information, dynamic ads are personalized to each shopper with up-to-date inventory details based on their specific browsing history. When a user clicks on a dynamic display ad, they are taken to the exact product or vehicle detail page they’re interested in. 

Being able to automatically generate targeted ads that highlight the exact products and offers available at the store or dealership is indeed a game-changer. And the technology around inventory-based advertising has advanced rapidly in the past few years.  


Our online marketing services are delivered by our custom online marketing platform. You can log in to our dashboard at any time to check the status of your campaigns and review your current metrics. You'll be able to get unique insights across all of your online marketing campaigns.


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